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What is a CSA share?

It is simply a commitment to share in the harvest of a local farm – basically a subscription for fresh, local food. You purchase shares in the spring and receive seasonal vegetables weekly from mid-May to mid-September. It is a way to guarantee your supply of the freshest, safe-to-eat and locally grown produce.

How will this work? The produce will be harvested each week and can be picked up at the following sites:

·       Our farm on Thursdays from 3 –6p

·       Another option this year is delivery to your office/business for groups of 7 or more full share subscriptions (inside Fayette County only).

·       Want personal service? Farm of the Day can deliver right to your door every week for a small fee - Ask us!! ·      

  What are my options? We have 2 options, a full and half share. A full share will average throughout the season 10-15(summer/fall crops are heavier!) lbs. of freshly harvested produce and feed approximately a family of 2-4 for one week’s vegetable supply with a half share being just that, half of the full. You might want to consider splitting a share with a neighbor or friend if this is more than you would need. We try to not overwhelm our customers with too many vegetables per week, as that is the number 1 complaint of nationally surveyed CSA customers. This is reflected also in our pricing, with our CSA being one of the most reasonably priced CSA’s in central Kentucky. For those wanting more, you can purchase additional shares or we will also offer to you first choice of purchasing bulk amounts of vegetables in addition to your weekly share. You will receive a variety of seasonal vegetables.

Early spring will include a variety of greens (kale, braising mix, mustard greens, spinach, etc), broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, radishes, sugar snap peas, onions, carrots and scallions.

Early summer will include Swiss chard, squash, zucchini, cucumber, new potatoes, okra, green beans, beets, and herbs.

Late summer will include corn, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumber, melons, butternut squash, acorn squash, melons, potatoes, and herbs.

Half Shares are $350, Full Shares are $550. We have also joined with other local farmers to provide you with additional options to add to your CSA basket – eggs, local honey, and meat!

Evermore Farm Large, farm fresh chicken and duck eggs from Evermore Farms are available in half dozen and dozen quantities.   These gals lay the most scrumptious eggs with large golden yolks, sometimes the eggs are too big to even fit in the container!  They are free of hormones and antibiotics and  get to run and play outside every day from sun up to sun down.  Organically raised.

Wholesome Living Farm Wholesome Living Farm is a transparent, pasture-based, holistically managed farm located on the edge of the beautiful Bluegrass in Clark County, Kentucky. Owned and operated by Will and Ashley Meurer, Wholesome Living Farm utilizes multi-species, rotational grazing practices to fulfill our mission to steward Creation in a redemptive way that builds soil, builds forgiveness into our ecosystem, and builds a bridge between our patrons and the food that nourishes them. Their methods allow us to offer these wonderful products to our patrons: Pasture Raised Poultry (Eggs, Chicken, Stewing Hens) Grass Fed/Finished Beef Pasture Raised Pork We are committed to our ministry to offer our local community integrity food that fully honors and respects the soil, the animals, the people, and the landscape we all share. We are humbled by the opportunity to provide your family with real, nutrient-dense food.