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About us

At For Pete’s Sake Farm, we use sustainable, organic practices and work in harmony with nature to produce its harvest in due season. As stewards of the land, we protect the environment and preserve the natural ecosystem. Soils are healthy and fertile, beneficial insects thrive, and the land rewards us with vegetables that are full of vitamins, minerals, and good old- fashioned flavor!

All of our harvests begin with seed started in our own greenhouse here in Fayette County. Every plant or vegetable you purchase is truly homegrown and Kentucky Proud.

For Pete’s Sake, isn’t just our name, it’s our history. Pete is a very special Australian cattle dog (blue heeler) who, by default, found his way into our lives. Although completely deaf from birth (note the floppy ears!), Pete learned simple sign language and also relied on our other dogs for “ears to hear”.  He and his longtime partner, a German shepherd named Annie, grew up together in suburbia bliss.  However, as young pups they both developed health problems such as allergies, skin irritations, and digestive problems.  After in depth testing and trials, we finally realized that the problem was WHAT THEY WERE EATING WAS EATING THEM!!!  Fillers in their dog food, lawn fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides were all contributing to their ailments.  We realized that the whole family needed a lifestyle change.  So we loaded up the truck and we moved to Cedarcreek.... Lane that is, rolling hills, mixed hardwood forests, and loamy, fertile, chemical-free soil!

                        Pete    1.1.1999 - 6.4.2014

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